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Mandurah Boat Charters

Mandurah Boat Hires

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Explore the Mandurah Waterways - on our professionally Skippered vessels

From A$50

Welcome aboard our luxurious floating limousines where we offer a unique canal cruise with a touch of comfort and class. Tour Mandurah’s picturesque waterways and historic canals while experiencing intimate views of the local marine life and vibrant CrabFest events.

a group of people in a boat on a body of water

Go Sightseeing!

Our wonderful dolphins are almost always out to accompany you as you check out the vast array of birdlife. View Mandurah’s luxury canal homes or cruise the scenic Peel Inlet right down to the incredible manmade Dawesville Cut. Cruise all the way up the majestic Murray River. Tie up to the jetty for a cold drink and some lunch at one of the lovely riverside pubs, restaurants, or delis.

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Go Fishing!

We have all the gear right here — rod/reel combos for hire or sale, hand lines, and a wide range of bait and tackle tailored for our local waters. We operate year-round! Mandurah has a very mild winter with fine temperate days ideal for fishing. We offer further discounts and bonuses in the off season. Recreational fishing licence needed if you’re fishing off boats.


Go Crabbing!

From December through to April, the famous Mandurah Blue Manna crab population explodes! Enjoy the fun of catching them and delight in cooking them up as a summer delicacy. We have crab nets and equipment for hire with your boat and stock plenty of crab bait, of course.

An Adventure for the Whole Family, Including Your Pet!

We have everything you need for your day out on the water, with a great stock of ice, bait, crab nets, fishing tackle (for hire or sale) and drinks. There’s also plenty of great tucker to take with you, available right here at the world-class Dolphin Quay Marina. Mandurah boat Charters and Blue Manna cruisers Deluxe Charter Pontoons are ideal for fishing, crabbing, swimming, sightseeing or just leisurely cruising among the dolphins or birdlife. Why should your furry friend miss out? Please feel free to bring them on your adventure!

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A Five-Star Mandurah Boating Experience!

Blue Manna Boat Hire
Fantastic Trip

We decided to hire a little boat for a few hours to go around the canals and hopefully see Dolphins. The cost is very reasonable and you get good guidance and instructions before setting off. We were really lucky as once we got into the canals a mother and her calf began following us, the highlight of our trip! A great way to explore the waterways.

– jbearKent | Tripadvisor
Blue Manna Boat Hire
Fun Day

We didn't fancy being crammed onto one of the tourist boats, so we tried a boat hire instead. No boating experience needed, we were given some basic instruction by the helpful operator before setting off. This is the best and most relaxing way to view the waterways of Mandurah and see the dolphins close up. We would definitely recommend it!

– UkAlwaystravelling | Tripadvisor
Blue Manna Boat Hire

12 Women Golfers were looking for some fun. We found a Blue Manna Boat Hire and Voila! The owner was super friendly, helpful and full of ideas. The boats were well looked after, clean and very safe. We had a great trip into the canals and along the waterways. We saw waterbirds and dolphins. A top class organisation. We all loved it!

– Julia T. | Tripadvisor
Blue Manna Boat Hire
Lovely Afternoon

Great value, the Blue Manna boats give you the option of luxury and boy, do they deliver! Comfortable seats, 50HP motor, smooth to drive, lounge seats, full clears all around. The operators are very friendly, nothing is too much trouble. They're particularly good with children. The only boat hire we'll use again in Mandurah. Well done guys!

– officevm | Tripadvisor