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Our 2024 Winter Weather Guarantee

Our 2024 Winter Weather Guarantee

We’re so spoilt with amazing summer weather in Western Australia that when winter does roll around it feels like we should all just light the fire, put the Ugg boots on and spend 3 months living in tracky daks.

The reality is that in some countries they’d count themselves lucky to have a summer as good as our winters (UK we’re looking at you), and when the sizzling WA summer temperatures drop off, winter can actually be the perfect time to get on the water in Mandurah.

Of course we recognise that our winter weather can be a bit unpredictable so for all winter 2024 cruises our Winter Weather Guarantee is in place. This means that right up to 24 hours before your charter if you’re not happy with the weather forecast then you can cancel and re-schedule at no charge and with no penalty as long as the re-scheduled charter takes place before September 12th 2024.

Give us a call on 9535 5399 or email us at for more information.


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